CBDR Portal

What is USAID RenewHealth Project?

The USAID’s RenewHealth project is a five-year project that aims to help PWUDs, people in recovery, and their families obtain access to informal care, self-help or community-based rehabilitation and recovery support to reduce or prevent drug dependence.

Our objective is to provide evidence-based approaches to CBDR services that Filipino PWUDs and their families can access without fear or prejudice.

What activities will be implemented towards the achievement of this objective?

  1. Improve healthy behaviors of PWUDs, their families and communities by providing technical support in the:
    • Creation of evidence-informed and culturally-appropriate social and
    • behavior change (SBC) tools
    • Reduction of stigma
    • Provision of CBDR services
    • Promotion help-seeking behavior
  2. Fortify the quality of patient-centered and compassionate CBDR by:
    • Helping LGUs to implement CBDR services
    • Building a cadre of trainers and coaches
    • Strengthening CBDR service delivery networks
  3. Strengthen policies and systems for sustainable CBDR
    • Enabling dialogue and contributing to the development of national and local policies on CBDR delivery
    • Strengthening the ability of Philippine government institutions, as well as Anti-Drug Abuse Councils to deliver CBDR services

Where are the RenewHealth project sites?

The USAID RenewHealth project supports the Philippine Anti-illegal Drugs Strategy that calls for a comprehensive and balanced approach to drug supply and demand reduction. The project supports the Dangerous Drugs Board’s strategy on the use of evidence-based and culturally appropriate interventions and builds on the Philippine Mental Health law that recognize substance dependence as a mental health issue.