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Addiction is known as a “family disease” because of how deeply it affects everyone within a family unit. It affects the dynamics and functionality of the family. Many struggle to talk about a family member’s substance use and addiction especially how it is impacting them. Some families are also not aware or become aware of the substance abuse when it is too late.

Does My Family Member Have an Addiction?

Many people who have questions about their family member’s substance abuse struggle to figure out how severe the problem is. Here are signs and symptoms of substance use and addiction that can help you determine the severity of use:

Behavioral Signs

How can you help a family member struggling with substance abuse?

Finding the Right Treatment Program

Know more about the processes involved in getting the appropriate treatment for your family member. The New Client Flow for Wellness and Recovery of Persons who use drugs aims to inform clients and their family members on screening, treatment, and aftercare – Find the right treatment program by watching this video and contacting the nearest service provider near you.


One of the best ways that you can help your loved one after treatment is by getting involved in their program while they are in treatment. Participating in these can help you learn more about substance use and addiction as a disease, develop coping skills, work on relationships, and learn how to support your family member in recovery. Some of the things that you can do to help support your loved one in recovery and ease this transition include the following:

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