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Webinar Series FAQs

Will the PWUD be immediately be delisted if he or she has completed CBDRP?

Yes, after completing the program.

What document should a PWUD show for him or her to be delisted?

If the person has completed the required intervention, he or she needs to show her certificate of completion for her to be delisted.

Can a PWUD be delisted even if he has not gone through after care program?

Yes, only for PWUDs who underwent general Intervention. All others are required to go through the aftercare program being they can be issued a certificate of completion and later be delisted.

If a PWUD is already delisted but his name appears again in the watchlist, do they need to produce the documents again?

PWUD to show certificate of completion and treat that certificate as public document to show for delisting in the watchlist. The case maybe different of PWUD who relapses since this person needs to be assessed again.

Who provides certification for those without drug involvement so that they will be delisted?

The person should coordinate with their LGU or local PNP. Only after verification can he or she be delisted to prove non-involvement in drugs. This can be done at the ADAC level.

If the person is already delisted but has relapsed, what happens to this client?

The client will be assessed again. The intervention that will be given to this client is dependent on the severity of his case.

Who does the delisting?

The delisting is done at the ADAC level. This should not be confused with barangay clearing. The PWUD is delisted from the list once he or she can provide the certificate of completion. However, the list will be validated by the law enforcement agency like PDEA.

If a client receives CCPC upon completing the aftercare program, is it the rehabilitation center who will process for the delisting?

No, the treatment rehabilitation center will only issue certificate of completion. It would be the one who referred the PWUD to the drug officer who will process the delisting. However, if a coordination mechanism is in place, the service provider can inform the ADAC about PWUDs who already received certificate of completion such that the delisting process can be immediately initiated.

Is there a proof if one is delisted?

None. If one is delisted, it is known at the ADAC level. You don’t need to show proof of being delisted in the drug list because the list has only merit within government agencies. If you need to show a public document, then you can show your CCPC.

If the person is delisted at the CADAC level, will he or she be delisted at the PNP level?

Only after validation can you be delisted at the PNP level, but this is for barangay clearing purposes.

If the PWUD is delisted, will he or she be delisted in the watch list?

Depending on the case, if individual has a pending case or committed a new offense, the person will likely to remain in the list.
For PWUDS, a certificate of completion will suffice for delisting. For drug offenders, it will be the law enforcement agency who will decide if the offender will be delisted.

If the PWUD has completed the CBDR and aftercare program, will he or she be delisted?

Yes, he or she should be delisted.

The person can file an administrative case against the barangay official through Department of Interior and Local Government.

How do we reconcile the principles of CBDR, and the fact that we consolidate a list of PWUDs in the community? Is it if they are identified in the list, assessment becomes mandatory regardless of whether they are ready to seek treatment?

This the existing process. We have so many plea bargainers who haven’t been processed. If they don’t go through the existing process, they cannot be delisted. What we are doing right now is trying to provide interventions for them to be delisted. This is also consistent with the principles of NAIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse) principles of treatment. If you will note in principle number 10, it states that treatment need not be voluntary for it to be effective. We have protocols to follow too.

Can the period of waiting be improved for plea bargaining applicants as compared to what's happening now and also the delisting procedures for them?

Any changes in the plea-bargaining procedure/process is dependent on the Supreme Court and the Office of the Court Administrator