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Webinar Series FAQs

Is the DOH mandated to provide technical assistance or training for Drug Dependency Examination?

Yes, DOH provides training for DDE.

Is there a directive from DDB and DILG directing LGU health officers to conduct DDE after attending training?

There is no known government directive. If the LGU health officer underwent training and part of their responsibility is to support CBDR services, they should be providing. Local chief executives should call on the attention of their health officers on this matter.

What if we need training or capacity building intervention?

Write to the Department of Health regional offices regarding request for training.

What is the accreditation process for CBDR programs?

There is no existing accreditation for CBDR programs. At the minimum, based on Board Regulation no. 7, as long as the service providers conforms with the 12 principles of community- based treatment prescribed by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), DDB and DOH, then, that organization can offer the service.

What if the organization providing CBDRP is not recognized by the DOH?

Presently, DOH has no accreditation process for CBDRP. Hence aside from the organization complying with the 12 principles, they should also be endorsed by any relevant government organization.

Is there a capacity building activity for ADACs/ MADACs on the delisting process?

The training from DOH was halted due to the pandemic. Online modules are currently being developed. In the meantime, ADACs or MADACs are encouraged to attend webinars to gain information on related topics.

Should the MHO of an LGU be a CBDRP provider?

They can be but it is not necessary for an MHO to become a CBDR services. What they can do is build a CBDR service delivery network where they can refer PWUDs to an appropriate intervention- giving body.

What is the proof of accreditation or endorsement of the LGU for an organization to be fully recognized as CBDR provider?

A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the LGU could be sufficient proof of endorsement. There can also be an ADAC resolution but at the minimum, a MOA would do.

Is there a possibility for a web-based training or screening PWUDs? Many barangay level practitioners need to update their knowledge on PWUDs

DOH is already preparing for an online SBIRT training.