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What is the objective of this SBC material?

This material raises awareness on the negative long-term effects of drug use. It provides information on where clients can seek help while increasing their  understanding of drug use recovery through community-based drug rehabilitation.

How can you use this in your community?

This infographic can be used by distributing it in public areas such as barangay hall, church, local transport hubs, workplaces, and during events. The square version can be posted online through social media.

These are other ways to use the infographics:

  • Distribute during brief intervention after screening
  • Print as a flipchart which can be used during SBIRT.
  • Distribute in ‘tambayans’ like local sari-sari stores, eateries, and transport terminals (jeepney, tricycle, bus) or public places where people usually gather
  • Post in barangay community bulletin boards or during barangay announcements and events
  • Show and discuss infographics during drug awareness and prevention activities
  • Distribute in partner churches or place of worship
  • Share electronically through your own official LGU Facebook page or chat groups
  • Use as an icebreaker or a simple game that can be done in learning activities in your community

You can download the Infographic here:

The flyer version can also be download here:

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