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What is the Objective of this SBC Material?

These posters aim to raise awareness and understanding of recovery through Community-based Drug Rehabilitation (CBDR) among clients and highlight available CBDR services and programs in your community. These postersmotivate PWUDs to seek help  or ask information about screening and/or treatment and enroll themselves to treatment.

How can you use this in your community?

Local Government Units and workplaces can use these posters to be placed in public areas such as barangay hall, church, local transport hubs, workplaces, and social media. You can post simultaneously or individually. The posters invite the target audience (PWUDs) to seek help. How else can you use this material?

  • Posting in ‘tambayans’ like local sari-sari stores, eateries, and transport terminals (jeepney, tricycle, bus) or public places where a lot of people go to
  • Barangay community bulletin boards or beside information centers where people inquire
  • Partner churches or place of worship
  • Share electronically through your own official LGU Facebook Page or viber groups
  • Showcase and post during barangay events such as townhall meetings

You can download the Posters here: