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What is the Objective of this SBC Material?

The goal of this infographic is to encourage recovering users to maintain healthy lifestyle especially after completing their treatment program. It also informs them their next steps, where to go, the process for aftercare and reintegration, and other services stipulated in the DDB Board Regulation No. 7 Series of 2019. This infographic informs clients that there is continuing help available for them.

How can you use this in your community?

This infographic can be used by distributing it in key areas such as barangay hall especially after the PWUD’s completion of treatment program or during aftercare services. This inforgraphic can also be posted online through social media. The infographics give strategies for clients to prevent relapse from drug use.

These are other ways to use the infographics:

  • Distribute during CBDR Graduation
  • Distribute during aftercare and reintegration events
  • Post in barangay community bulletin boards or during barangay announcements and events
  • Show and discuss infographics during drug awareness and prevention activities
  • Distribute in partner churches or place of worship
  • Share electronically through your own official LGU Facebook page or chat groups
  • Sowcase and post during barangay events like townhall meetings


You can download the infographic here: