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What is the Objective of this SBC Material?

The sticker pack and GIFs or animated chat icons can be used to remind clients, encourage them to complete sessions, and motivate them to sustain recovery. These stickers can serve as social and behavioral nudges and reminders for PWUDs.

How can you use this in your community?

These can be used by health service providers to be sent to PWUDs throughout their recovery journey. Local Government Units and those that offer CBDR services to clients can use these stickers and gifs to be sent to their clients via social media messaging (e.g., viber, telegram, facebook messenger). How else can you use this material?

  • Aside from the straightforward sending of these stickers and GIFs through messaging, content can also be used during community events or printed in materials and merchandise.

You can download the Sticker and GIF pack here:


Stickers Pack 1.15 MB 47 downloads


GIFs Pack 339.13 KB 34 downloads